'Murica (#indie30 Day 17)

Day 17 of #indie30: Roadside attractions, national parks, or big cities? What’s your favorite part of traveling in the USA?

What I love about traveling in the US is that this country is so big, it has everything and I love all of it! From giant state fairs to small local farmers markets, from national parks like the Grand Canyon to cities with their towering skyscrapers. I mean, you don't need to travel outside of the country to experience something new!

Even the climates are so different! We have snowy New York...
Central Park in Snow 

To beautiful sunny weather in Florida. This photo was taken in October by the way. OCTOBER! That's already fleece jacket weather in the tri-state area.

Miami Beach

Not only is this country of the freedom of speech but its also the country of immigrants. Only Native Americans can say they are actually..you know..NATIVE Americans. Everyone else's ancestors originally came here from another country. It's the ultimate melting pot. I mean, we have the United Nations Headquarters in this country. The place where all the diplomats and heads of countries come together to discuss world affairs.

What I love most about America is that it you can go to all 50 states and have 50 different experiences. 'Murica, there's room for everyone.

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