Vidcon & Smorgasburg (#indie30 Day 21)

Day 21 of #indie30: Where do you most want to go in 2014?

There's so many places I dream about going but I'm the most excited about an actual trip I'm taking this year. It's to a not far away land of Los Angeles but what I'm going for is the exciting part. It's Vidcon!!!

image via Vidconblr
What is Vidcon???

5th annual VidCon

Well, basically it's when YouTube becomes a convention and you get to see all your YouTube stars and connect with other YouTube channels and fans! Obvi, I'm a big fan of YouTube, not just as a person who uploads videos, but I watch a ton of channels. From harto to vlogbrothers, I LOVE IT SO MUCH and THEY. ARE.GONNA.BE.THERE!!! GAHHH #fangirlscream

This is the 5th year vidcon has happened but it's the first year I'm going so I have no idea what to expect, who I'm going to meet, and what the exhibits are going to be. I do know that every Sunday of Vidcon weekend, Vidcon people go to DISNEYLAND and we hang out together wearing our Vidcon  tshirts (that comes with registration) and take a group photo. HOW COOL IS THAT?!

But speaking of YouTube...IT'S VLOGGING MONDAY!

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